Meditation Circle


Susan Stein Meditating at our Women’s Retreat 2016

The Meditation Circle meets on Monday evenings at Columbine from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. You may arrive and leave anytime. If you arrive late, please ring the doorbell and knock.  Someone will come to let you in.

Our general routine includes, in this order:

• Candle lighting, with chosen words or a reading

• Meditation for 30 minutes

• Wisdom Circle

• Candle extinguishing, with closing words

During Wisdom Circle, the talking stick is taken up by anyone who wishes to speak about the topic for the evening or on any other topic.  When you have the talking stick you can share anything you wish, or you may simply pass the stick to the next person without saying anything.  We listen respectfully to each other and feel no obligation to respond or to give advice.  Everything shared in Wisdom Circle stays within the Circle.

These procedures are open for negotiation and change at any time. Please share your ideas or concerns at the end of any session.

We are always glad to welcome visitors and new members!