Our JustACT Team plans and conducts Columbine UU Church’s Social Action under the following groups and activities:

Information on these groups and activities is available from these links. JustACT activities change from time to time in response to changing needs and priorities. However, the Welcoming Congregation activity is a permanent fixture, the commitment to which is included in the church bylaws

Volunteer Message

  • We encourage Columbine members and friends to learn about and become personally involved in social justice outreach activities.
  • We serve as a repository for information about social justice programs outside of Columbine.
  • We research areas within the broad theme of healing injustice that might be of interest to our congregation.
  • We share our research with members and friends and listen to their responses.
  • We coordinate the scheduling of charitable appeals to the congregation.
  • We provide Helpful Hints for Starting a Columbine Social Action Project, a compilation of suggested elements to consider when starting a new project.
  • We nurture project participants through mentoring, training, and spiritual reflection.