Care Team


Care Team Mission Statement

The first Unitarian Universalist (UU) principle is to affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person. We live this affirmation by providing a ministry of hope and caring, with physical and emotional support to those in need. No one in our congregation should struggle alone.  The Care Team was formed to coordinate the care efforts of all the people of this congregation. If the need exceeds the resources or abilities of our congregation, we will help find a path to specialized/professional services. Working together we can all put our UU values to work.

Asking For Help

Many people have trouble asking for help.  Even in a relatively small church like ours it can be intimidating.  That is one reason we have suveyed our congregation about how they would be ready and willing to help.  If you need a ride to church or to the store, or help with anything really, contact Rev. Jeannie Shero, Minister or MJ Erickson-Eger or call 720-732-8619 or you can complete this form below.

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How you can help others

Please fill out a short online survey here and let us know how you can help others in our church community.  This survey is how we create our list of congregant helpers.


In order to build trust and respect strict confidentiality must be maintained. Some people who receive help need to feel secure that the only people who know about their challenge are the minister and members of the Care Team. The Team must get permission from those whom they are helping to go to other members of the church who are offering assistance with meals, transportation, babysitting, etc. We also will get permission to announce concerns in the Caring Connection that is sent to members and friends.