Care Team


The Care Team views caring for each other as a spiritual practice that deepens connection between our community members.  To that end, we have surveyed our members and friends about ways that they would be willing and able to assist each other.  If you would like to offer your help, please complete the form below.  If you have a need or are aware of a need in our community, please e-mail MJ Erickson-Eger.  For pastoral care needs, please e-mail Rev. Jeannie Shero.

The Care Team has assembled a list of community resources, such as organizations that provide food assistance, transportation assistance, medical assistance, and much more.  If you or someone you know needs help, please refer to this list: CUUC Resource List – 12_2019


We need to observe confidentiality in order to build trust and respect.  Sometimes people feel secure when only a small number of people are aware of their situation, such as the minister and those who are providing assistance.  Therefore, we will release information and make announcements specific to individuals only with their permission.


Please complete this form to let the Care Team know how you can help: