Upcoming Services

May 2022


May 1:  “Nurturing Beauty Through Awareness”

  • As we enter May and this month’s theme, “Nurturing Beauty”, we are called into awareness of our words and actions so that we may nurture beauty and harmony in our communities and avoid causing harm to others through unintentional microaggressions and prejudice.  Minister Jenny Amstutz speaks.  The Congregational Meeting will follow the service.

May 8: “Nurturing Beauty Through Belonging”

  • The world is at its most beautiful when we know that ourselves and all others are beloved and truly belong in this vast interconnectedness we inhabit. We’ll explore what it means to embrace our own belonging and welcome all others to belong to themselves and all others.  Rev. Alwen Bledsoe speaks.

May 15:  “Can Beauty Save Us?”

  • The Rev. Sean Parker Dennison said, “The ability to see beauty is the beginning of our moral sensibility. What we believe is beautiful we will not wantonly destroy”. Join us as we explore the idea that beauty isn’t just for pleasure, it’s actually key to our spiritual sustainability.  Minister Jenny Amstutz speaks.

May 22:  What Sweeter Music (Hymn-Sing Sunday)

May 29:  TBA