A group of new members going through our joining ceremony.

The simple act of signing your name . . .

in the membership book can be a deeply significant decision.  Becoming a member not only enables you to participate in congregational votes, but also can express a personal commitment to participate in sharing your talents, your resources, and your energy with others in a quest that is spiritual as well as practical, personal as well as social, individual as well as institutional. Unitarian-Universalism challenges you to consider how your beliefs about human nature, evolution, and divine revelation affect your attitude toward yourself and others, and how those beliefs influence what you do.


We invite all those interested in becoming members of Columbine UU Church to attend the Connecting with Columbine class.

What is the Connecting with Columbine Class?  We have created a wonderful class to help those interested in potentially becoming members or those that want to learn more about Unitarian Universalism and Columbine UU Church. We talk about:  UU history, our spiritual roots and current thoughts, how our church operates, our Teams, pledging and how you can get involved.

Childcare is provided. For those that decide they would indeed like to join our membership, this class is the first step.  Becoming a member is optional at the end of this class.  It’s also a great refresher class for long-time members! This class is offered three times a year.