Gift Card & Equal Exchange Program

Here’s why you should “Shop at Columbine UU Church” before you go shopping!

The gift cards, grocery cards, coffee, and chocolate we sell every week provide 3% to 4% of Columbine’s income each year.  Your purchases support our worship, education, outreach and programming.Equal Exchange Coffee EE Choc

Here’s how these fundraising programs work:

  • Coffee and chocolate are purchased from Equal Exchange. Equal Exchange buys directly from farmers’ cooperatives, pays producers a better price than offered by wholesaler, and sells high quality products to us.


  • Reloadable King Soopers Cards earn Columbine 5% of the value of the card when you buy the card.  When you’ve used the amount on the card you can reload your card with any amount at any King Soopers and they will send us 5% of the amount you add to the card, every time you reload.  You still get the full purchasing value of every dollar and Columbine gets 5%You can even reload your King Soopers Card with your favorite Airline/Hotel Points Credit Card!

King Soopers CardGift Cards

  • Gift Cards from all other retailers, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and movie theaters work just like King Soopers cards except they are not reloadable and the percentage Columbine earns varies with the merchant. For example Chipotle cards earn Columbine 10% when you purchase the card; you can throw the cards away when you’ve used up the face value.


We can order gift cards from hundreds of merchants!  If there is a store or restaurant you frequent and you would like to special order their cards please let our volunteer sellers know.

Thank you for Shopping at Columbine beforeYou go shopping!