Worship Services

Worship Service Begins at 10:00 a.m. Every Sunday.

10:00-11:00am: Worship

11:00-11:45 am: Fellowship Hour

11:45 am Adult Faith Development and/or Team Meetings
Food for Thought” and other Adult Faith Development – 1st and 3rd Sundays. Team Meetings only on 2nd and 4th Sundays.

Free Nursery care and children’s & youth classes every Sunday!

Themed Ministry

Our goal is to intentionally design and shape our ministry journey with a monthly theme. Themed ministry is a tool that adds vitality to our journey by aligning our conversation across all the different ministries in the church.  This allows us to essentially “travel together” as a community of seekers, sharpening our relationship to one another and to life through common reflection.  For example, our teachers are encouraged to weave the same monthly concept into their classroom lessons that the adults are hearing from the pulpit in worship.

The Chalice Circles (which is our small group ministry) is another chance to explore these ideas in-depth with adult peers. Our “Mindful Meetings” will begin all of our team meetings with the same monthly focus to connect and energize us before we enter into our particular church work.  We believe that thematic ministry can be spiritually deepening and that we could even have more fun, more ease, and more connection among us as we explore them!  What could be better?

Coming Up…


Our door is always open!

September 1, 10 am:  “Intergenerational Water Service”

As another summer draws to its end, we gather back together for our beloved annual ritual water communion. Please bring water from a place that is meaningful to you, whether because of summer adventures, or as a constant in your life. Mateo Frisk and Mandy Barton will lead us through our traditional time of sharing.

This is an all-ages service; hearing our children share is one of the best parts every year! Nursery care will be available.

September 8, 10 am: “Ingathering”

At the start of our new church year, we have so much to celebrate!  We gather together in joy for Reverend Jeannie’s first Sunday in the pulpit as our new contract minister. Join us as we rekindle the hearth fire to warm us in the coming year. This service will explore how we form healthy expectations of ourselves and one another in the congregation. Together we will set expectations for the year that help us grow together in love, solidarity, and joy. Choir returns.

September 15, 10 am: “Immigrant Freedom Fund”

The Immigrant Freedom Fund was formed by volunteers at Namaqua Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Loveland, to fill in a gap in the available services in Colorado for people coming to our country who are taking the brunt of our current administration’s cruel immigration policies. Their work is gathering donations to pay the high bonds necessary to free people from detention, and their message is one of hope that resistance to an oppressive system is at hand.  Francey Liefert will speak to us about this work, and the discovery that IFF was making a difference not only in the life of each person bonded out, but in the lives of their families and communities. This third Sunday is also our Share the Plate Sunday, in support of Immigrant Freedom Fund’s work, so please consider giving generously.

September 22, 10 am: “Like Night and Day”

What happens when our expectations are fulfilled? What happens when they are unfulfilled? Learning to live with contentment either way is lifelong work that touches every aspect of life. Join us this exploration into the heart of being human. Rev. Jeannie speaks.  Choir sings.

September 29, 10 am: Building a Living Legacy”

We frequently ask ourselves, “How can we attract more young people to CUUC?” But what if instead, we were to ask, how can we become the church that has what people of all ages need? How can we be prepared to be the church tomorrow’s UUs will need, and build the living legacy of a church that will continue to serve others when we are all gone? Please join us for this special lay-led service, where we begin to explore these questions together.