Worship Services

Worship Service Begins at 10:00 a.m. Every Sunday.

10:00-11:00am: Worship

11:00-11:45am: Fellowship Hour

11:45am Adult Faith Development and/or Team Meetings
Food for Thought” and other Adult Faith Development – 1st and 3rd Sundays. Team Meetings only on 2nd and 4th Sundays.

Free Nursery care and children’s & youth classes every Sunday!

Themed Ministry

Our goal is to intentionally design and shape our ministry journey with a monthly theme. Themed ministry is a tool that adds vitality to our journey by aligning our conversation across all the different ministries in the church.  This allows us to essentially “travel together” as a community of seekers, sharpening our relationship to one another and to life through common reflection.  For example, our teachers are encouraged to weave the same monthly concept into their classroom lessons that the adults are hearing from the pulpit in worship.

The Chalice Circles (which is our small group ministry) is another chance to explore these ideas in-depth with adult peers. Our “Mindful Meetings” will begin all of our team meetings with the same monthly focus to connect and energize us before we enter into our particular church work.  We believe that thematic ministry can be spiritually deepening, and that we could even have more fun, more ease, and more connection among us as we explore them!  What could be better?

Coming Up…

CUUC May 2019 Theme Curiosity

Our door is always open!

May 5, 10 am:  Star Wars Sunday: The Force Will Be With Us…Always

Join us for a unique contemplation on the teachings of Star Wars! Bring a guest, or a returning friend, and let’s all have some fun exploring space philosophy and bringing out our inner (or not so inner) geeks.

May 12, 10 am: Mother’s Day Our Way

This Mother’s Day we will celebrate the magic and heartbreak of motherhood. Please join us as we share the great variety of avenues open to us to love and nurture those around us. Members of our church will share their journeys and thoughts on being a mother. Choir sings.

May 19, 10 am: Satisfaction Brought It Back

People often remember the first part of the adage, “Curiosity killed the cat,” but few remember the conclusion, “But satisfaction brought it back.” Come explore what could lie ahead for Columbine if we embrace our curiosity and begin to shape our future. Our own Mateo Frisk speaks. 

May 26, 10 am: War Letters

This Memorial Day weekend, Kathy Derrick will present Selections from War Letters, edited by Andrew Carroll.  These poignant letters highlight how critical it is for those serving in the armed forces to stay connected to their loved ones back home. The letters are about relationships, and the courage shown by the writers in their letters is sometimes deeply humbling. This service is dedicated to them – and to all men and women who served in past wars, or are now serving their country in these troubling times. Choir sings.

June 2, 10 am:  Spiritual Practice Sunday: Flower Communion

June is the month when many UU congregations celebrate Flower Communion. At its core, this ritual is a celebration of diversity. There is something in the human spirit that hungers to be surrounded by the sacred joy and beauty of otherness.  Choir sings.

We will also be celebrating the graduation of Lily Buchanan and bridging them into young adulthood.

NOTE:  Please remember to bring a flower for each person in your family to put into the common vase.

June 9, 10 am: Our Common Promise: On the Beauty of Being Human

Join us this Pentecost Sunday for a service dedicated to the beauty and wonder of the human condition. Our worship will be a celebration of a different kind of Humanism, with Dr. Scott Theodore Mulder, Intern Minister at the UU Fellowship of Boca Raton. Spoiler Alert: This is not the logical positivist Humanism of the 1930s…

June 16: Worship in the Streets: Denver Pride

Since 2016, it has been a tradition for CUUC to close our doors and take our faith to the streets for the wonderfully colorful and inclusive event that is Denver PrideFest Parade. We will be marching with the group Unitarian Universalists of Metro Denver – there is a sign-up form available in the e-blast. We hope to see you there!

June 23, 10 am: Close Encounters of the Wild Kind

Please join us as our friend Paul Gibb, lifelong UU and member of Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, shares with us about an adventure in his life which taught him that we are neither conquerors nor victims of the natural world, but rather part of it.

June 30, 10 am: Spiritual Practice Sunday: Comfort

We all need tenderness from time to time. This Sunday will be a day dedicated to filling our love buckets, a service full of beauty and rest. Come and sink into a morning when nothing is asked of you but that you allow yourself to be refreshed and renewed. This service is being organized by Marie Hodges, as a gift of love to us all.