Children/Youth Faith Development

Being a multi-generational congregation is very important to our community.  Keeping our children/youth in the sanctuary for the first part of the service facilitates the awareness that we are a whole community.
Free childcare is available for children age 3 and under

Children begin each Sunday class sitting with their family in the sanctuary for the first 10-15 minutes of the worship service, which includes a “Story for Ages,” during which the children are invited to sit in the front of the sanctuary facing the reader.  After the story, they are invited to their faith development classrooms and sung out by the congregation with a  song:

Go in love our hearts go with you.
Go in joy our hopes go too
Learn in love and grow in wisdom
Shine your light on all you do.

Parents are always welcome to join in the lesson with their children.

A Message from our Acting Director of Faith Development, Ashley Johnson

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago, I started at Columbine UU Church as Acting Director of Faith Development. The welcome you all provided has been so warm and authentic. Thank you so much! What a wonderful beginning.

I have started my time here by meeting with Rev. Julia, talking and learning from the Ad Hoc Faith Development Team, and learning how this particular church works (a special thank you to Cris Cardenas for all her support in that area!).

I’ve also had an opportunity to meet some of your children and youth. Their energy and big hearts are what bolster me. You have a great group of kids! I’ve also had the chance to meet some of the teachers in Faith Development. Wow – the commitment they have to children and the joy they get from teaching is contagious.

As I look ahead at our year together, I want to share some of the things I will be working on with your congregation. Some biggies include:

  • Integrating theme-based ministry in children’s and youth Faith Development
  • Exploring creative and energizing ways to “do” Faith Development with kids on Sunday
  • Supporting and enriching middle school youth programs such as Our Whole Lives and Building Bridges
  • Youth Ministry nights for fun and fellowship
  • Family Game Night

Support you amazing adults and unleashing the creativity and passion you have in working with children on their spiritual journey!

That’s just a partial list of the things that are on my plate. The year will go by fast, I know. Let’s remember to stay excited about the future while breathing into the present. To do the work, we need to hold both.

You have a wonderful congregation and I’m excited to grow and learn with you!

In faith,


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