CUUC Key Policy

Date:  July 1, 2020

Title:  Key Policy for Columbine UU Church

Approved by:         Board of Trustees


This policy and procedure is applicable to all persons, including church staff, clergy, members, volunteers, renters, contractors, and guests.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the building, facilities, and equipment of Columbine UU Church are adequately secured at all times.  The Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing and maintaining the policy upon its approval.  The administration of the policy is the responsibility of the Office Administrator and the Board of Trustees.

Keys to the CUUC building, facilities and equipment are available on a limited and supervised basis through the church office.

Keys shall be issued to individual persons and not to groups.

All persons issued a church key shall be provided a copy of this policy and shall be required to submit a Key Request Form before a key is issued.  Those persons shall also sign the church’s Key Log when key(s) are issued and returned to the church office.

The Board of Trustees may review this policy and make adjustments or changes to it whenever they deem it necessary.

Key Log

The Office Administrator shall maintain a “Key Log” in the church office.  This Key Log shall include information necessary to maintain and track all keys that have been issued.

Who May Be Issued a Key

The following are eligible to receive keys:

  • Church Minister(s)
  • Church Staff
  • Members of the Board of Trustees
  • Leaders of church groups (ie Book Club, Chalice Circles, etc)
  • Audio/Visual volunteers
  • Childcare coordinator
  • OWL instructors
  • Custodian
  • Other person(s) who demonstrate reasonable need of a key

Responsibilities of those issued keys:

  • Keys shall not be duplicated.
  • Keys shall not be loaned or made available to others.
  • Keys may be issued and returned during normal church office hours.
  • The holder of a key assumes the responsibility for the safekeeping of the key and its use.
  • When leaving the building the keyholder who unlocked the door is responsible for securing all doors and windows.
  • A lost or stolen key should be reported immediately to the church office.
  • Broken or damaged keys should be returned to the church office.
  • Upon a change of role or termination of church relationship, key(s) shall be immediately returned to the church office so that documentation of the key(s) return is made in the key log.
  • Keys will be issued upon receipt of a $5 deposit which will be refunded when the key is returned.

To request a key, please fill out a Key Request Form and return it to Sarah.  Keys can be picked up and returned during normal office hours.  At present, as staff is working from home during the pandemic, please arrange an appointment by e-mailing the office at [email protected] .  Please allow 2-3 business days for reply.  Your patience is appreciated.