Building Reopening Pandemic Plan

Masks must be worn at all times in the building.


6/28/2021 Update:
The Board takes input from various sources, including the CUUC Covid Task Force, the UUA and county, state and national advisors.   We are currently allowing Small Groups of up to 25 people to use the sanctuary and one bathroom.  Use of the kitchen and other areas is still restricted.
The UUA recommends we continue to wear masks indoors, so we are aligning with this.  The UUA Guidance can be found here.

From the UUA:
Because our Unitarian Universalist faith is grounded in values that call us to care about one another, we must continue to make our decisions by centering the needs of the most vulnerable among us:

The UUA strongly recommends that congregations maintain a culture of indoor masking when they regather in person. This is because of who we are, as congregations, at our best:

  • We are all-ages communities, and not all ages have been able to get vaccinated yet.
  • We are all-abilities communities, and some of us have immune systems that do not mount a strong protective response after the COVID vaccination and can suffer severe consequences upon infection.
  • We are all-inclusive communities, and we want to express our UU values by being able to include all, regardless of vaccination status.
The safety of our members is our first priority. 
The Host of the small group must contact the Office Administrator prior to any meetings to review necessary forms and procedures.
  • Outdoor gatherings are permitted.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for use.
  • One person must be designated as Host to ensure compliance and cleanup / sanitizing afterwards.
  • Clean bathroom(s) after use.
  • All touch surfaces must be wiped down with CDC approved sanitizer.
  • All participants must be free from symptoms or potential exposure for previous 2 weeks.
  • Indoor small groups:
    • No more than 25 people in sanctuary.
    • Treat the meeting as if none of the participants have been vaccinated.
    • Maintain 6ft separation between different household groups.
    • Masks on at all times, regardless of vaccination status.  Two-layer or better masks should be worn.  No gaiters or bandanas.
    • No singing indoors.
    • Do NOT pressure anyone to attend in person if they prefer to attend virtually.
    • A laptop has been provided and can be used to allow any participants to attend virtually.
    • The host will be responsible for ensuring cleanup / sanitizing is completed.
    • Cleanup includes cleaning bathroom sink & toilet, removing trash, sanitizing all touch surfaces & vacuuming if needed.  Supplies are provided.