Worship Services

Worship Service Begins at 10:00 a.m. Every Sunday.Worship Service

10:00-11:00am: Worship

11:00-11:45am: Fellowship Hour

11:45am Adult Faith Development and/or Team Meetings
“Food for Thought” and other Adult Faith Development – 1st and 3rd Sundays. Team Meetings only on 2nd and 4th Sundays.

Free Nursery care and children’s & youth classes every Sunday!

For the last couple of years, we have been experimenting with monthly ministry themes.  The goal is to intentionally design and shape our ministry journey.  Themed ministry is a tool that adds vitality to our journey by aligning our conversation across all the different ministries in the church.  This allows us to essentially “travel together” as a community of seekers, sharpening our relationship to one another and to life through common reflection.  For example, our teachers are encouraged to weave the same monthly concept into their classroom lessons that the adults are hearing from the pulpit in worship.  The new Chalice Circles (small group ministry) will be a chance to explore these ideas in-depth with adult peers.  Our “Mindful Meetings” will begin all of our team meetings with the same monthly focus to connect and energize us before we enter into our particular church work.  We believe that thematic ministry can be spiritually deepening, and that we could even have more fun, more ease, and more connection among us as we explore them!  What could be better?

We Look Forward to Seeing You at Worship!

March Worship Theme: Balance

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.  ~E.B. White

Worship Theme - Balance

March 4, 10am — Giving our Gifts with Play and Celebration!
Taking some inspiration from the colorful Hindu holiday of Holi, join Rev Julia and the Stewardship Team for a short worship celebration, brunch, and then a morning of games and revelry together. On Stewardship Sunday, the intention is to collect as many pledges for the 2018-19 church year in a single day as possible.  (This really reduces the number of volunteer hours needed to collect pledges!) Anyone who turns their pledge in TODAY is eligible for the special prize drawing.  You must be present to win! This is a potluck brunch so please sign up here to bring your desired dish to share.  Contact your Treasurer, Pauline Hopkins if you have questions.  [email protected] 

March 11, 10am — The Paradox of Polarity
Sociologist, Brené Brown says we are more sorted into ideological groups in this country than we have ever been.  How do we balance the kind of polarization in this country where everything is either right or everything wrong?  How do we break the spell of this polarity?  Sometimes we think of balance as that perfect static state where all is in alignment and peaceful, but in reality it is trickier than that. Come explore.  Rev Julia speaks.

March 18, 10 am — Auction Sermon: The Devils and Angels of Religion
Whether it’s “the better angels of our nature” or “the devil made me do it,” these two characters have been part of many religious traditions throughout the ages.  But, do these symbolic creatures have any bearing on the Unitarian Universalist faith?  The inquiring minds of Sue Zloth, Sue Stein, Judy Kary, and Carol Steele want to know!  (They purchased the sermon at the auction and offered the topic for today.)  Rev Julia speaks.

March 25, 10am  How much is too much?
With almost anything there can be too much of it. Too much love can be suffocating and cloistering.  Too much freedom can be lonely and isolating.  We have to be able to have both.  In order to be whole, we must be able to turn toward our positivity and our inner resources, but also be able to say, “I am a flawed human being,”   Rev Julia speaks.

Please note: Periodically during the year, we intentionally invite children to join our adult service so they can experience the fullness of UU worship life. This does not mean that this service is geared toward the children as an all ages service, but we welcome them into our service to worship with their adults.