Worship Services

Worship Services begin at 9:00 and 11:00 am,  coffee hour 9:45 – 10:45 am every Sunday.Worship Service

We have a new schedule of Sunday morning events:

8:45am Meditation Time—Sanctuary is reserved for quiet meditation for 15 minutes before the service starts.

9:00-9:45am Worship—More reflective, elegant, bare-bones style service.  No children’s story-children’s faith development oriented toward service style. Joys and Sorrows changed.  Music “lite”, Taize, special music. Silence/meditation incorporated.

9:45-10:45am Coffee Hour

10:05am Children picked up from first service.

10:45am Begin seating second service.

11:00am Worship—More standard style, more intensive programming. Includes Story for all Ages.  Choir/Special Music. K-5 FD classes. Middle School.

12:15pm Adult Faith Development or Team Meetings “Food for Thought” and other Adult Faith Development – 1st and 3rd Sundays.  Team Meetings only on 2nd and 4th Sundays. Children picked up from second service.
Free Nursery care, children’s and youth classes available every Sunday!

For the last couple of years, we have been experimenting with monthly ministry themes.  The goal is to intentionally design and shape our ministry journey.  Themed ministry is a tool that adds vitality to our journey by aligning our conversation across all the different ministries in the church.  This allows us to essentially “travel together” as a community of seekers, sharpening our relationship to one another and to life through common reflection.  For example, our teachers are encouraged to weave the same monthly concept into their classroom lessons that the adults are hearing from the pulpit in worship.  The new Chalice Circles (small group ministry) will be a chance to explore these ideas in-depth with adult peers.  Our “Mindful Meetings” will begin all of our team meetings with the same monthly focus to connect and energize us before we enter into our particular church work.  We believe that thematic ministry can be spiritually deepening, and that we could even have more fun, more ease, and more connection among us as we explore them!  What could be better?

This Month the Theme is:  “Embodiment” 

“Our Bodies Are Sacred”

Dancing FiguresMay 7, 9am and 11am “Meeting This Life With My Whole Body”

How do I live a more expansive life? How do I feel more alive and full in each moment? How do I live so that the outside of who-I-appear-to-be matches the inside of who-I really-am? How do I live all the aspects of myself and maintain a balance in my life? How do I choose things and not let things choose me? What do we do with bodies that fail us? Come discover how to live life as an active, joyful, acknowledgement of one’s place in the interdependent web! Rev Julia speaks. Today we also welcome several new members into our community! This is “Bring a Friend to Church” Sunday! Please be intentional about inviting at least one other person who you think might benefit from our faith and share our beloved community with them!!

May 14th, 9am and 11am Mother’s Day: “The Inner/Outer Work of Spiritual Parenting”

Spiritual parenting is a way of being that draws upon both the seen and the unseen world around us. This engagement and illumination of the Divine Spark of Life in the most mundane moments of our everyday becomes a soulful experience we can recognize in holding and living into our questions. By learning to live in two worlds, this mutual journey enlivens families – both our blood and chosen families. Our guest speaker, Susan Kaplan has a training and coaching practice: Listening & Leading From Within. She is the mother of two amazing adult children, several dogs, and is a cultural creative in building intentional community. As a Courage & Renewal Facilitator, a candidate for Certified Trainer with Center for Nonviolent Communication, Storyteller & Story Listener and a yoga teacher, she brings a freshness to the energetic work of parenting.

May 21, 9am and 11am —“Whose Faith Is It Anyway?”

What does the term “white supremacy” mean and why does it bother us so much? “White supremacy” is a term that conjures up images of hoods and mobs. But in 2017, we have grown to understand “white supremacy” differently — as “a set of assumptions and practices, often operating unconsciously in our own institutions that tend to benefit white people and exclude people of color.” Building a faith community full of people who understand this key distinction is essential if we are to build a truly multi-cultural community. Challenge yourself to join your Columbine friends and hundreds of other UU churches in this crucial national conversation about how systems of inequality might be operating in our own beloved institution(s). Worship is followed by an all-congregation workshop at 12:15-1:45 presented by Rev Julia and the “Teach-in” team after the second service. Come join us!


Over 600 congregations are participating in this associate-wide exploration. Challenge yourself to be part of the conversation on Race that our congregation began two years ago!  Learn to understand your sensitivity to the words “white supremacy” at worship and the “Teach-in” That follows the second service presented by Rev J and the special Columbine Teach-in Team! This exploration is a call to action by the Black Lives UU, asking congregations to address issues of white supremacy within our UU institutions. This call was spurred by a recent hire in the upper levels of the UUA which appeared biased. This was further complicated by the response, and later resignation, from the UUA President when questioned. Here is the statement from Black Lives UU: “We know that large shifts require work and can challenge our comfort levels. That’s precisely why we feel it’s important. We believe that hundreds of UU churches signaling to their own members and to the larger community that “our faith takes racism seriously, especially within our own walls” will push our faith toward the beloved community we all seek.” We know it is very uncomfortable for most of us to talk about race. It will be up to us to overcome our fear and be vigilant in creating the world we dream about.  Join other Columbine members in living our values of inclusion and uplifting human dignity more deeply. If you would like a short primer to get your heart and mind going, please watch this video to begin with: A Conversation With White PeopleOn May 21, we will begin with worship focused on this topic and then we will spend some time with one another in activities and conversation after the service from 12:15-1:45 pm.  We will have a simple soup, bread, and salad lunch for $5 person.  GF and vegan options available. The lunch proceeds will go to Black Lives UU.  See you there!


May 28th, 9am and 11am “The Body as a Sacred Garment”

Many of us were raised with the religious idea that the human body was inherently bad, sinful, or at least separate from what is of spirit. Or at the very least, societal messages about our bodies have left us feeling uncomfortable in our skin, and not at peace with ourselves. But in our post-modern era, we have come to learn that as humans we live for heightened experiences in the body — we live for beauty, sensuousness, joy, and awe. Come explore what it means to be in the body, and more so, how we embody the sacred. Rev Julia speaks. Today we also celebrate the Child Dedication of Neva Ryder during the 11am service as we welcome her into our beloved community. Today we also celebrate the Child Dedication of Neva Ryder during the 11am service as we welcome her into our beloved community.